Web Development

In the digital era almost everything is web based.

Building web based frontend and backend applications is our main job. We use powerful frameworks to put together the latest technologies in web development.


Exceptional websites and applications are a blend of the right technology, good ideas and vision. Our development approach focuses on usability, latest technology and achieving results.

When it comes to developing a website or an app, our team can help you find the best idea in order to fit your business objectives and to have, in the end, the best online solution to meet your specific business goals. Web projects that we have developed for our clients range from CMS-powered websites to complex website solutions that improved their sales and generated an increase in profits.


Our web development services include:

  • Web Application

    Web Application

    Complexity delivered in a great solution — we create powerful web applications using the latest technology. We constantly evaluate the latest trends in the development community in order to provide our clients the best web application he needs.

    Web application frameworks and libraries that we are specialized in are: Symfony PHP Framework, Zend PHP Framework, jQuery.

    Indev has been building interactive and dynamic web applications such as:>br/>

    • Content Management Systems
    • eCommerce Development
    • Online Reservations Booking and Ticketing
    • Educational Web Applications
    • Online Training and Courses
    • Project Management Applications
    • Online Discussion Forums
    • Blogs and Forums
    • Non-profit Donation Applications
    • HR Web Applications
  • Web Security

    Web Security

    Web security is important in your business and we include in our projects powerful technical solutions when designing, building and testing secure web applications. We are experienced with the integration of security compliance standards and procedures.

  • Web Optimization

    Web Optimization

    We can help you boost the download speed of your web pages and accelerate backend systems to keep your visitors on your website and increase usability. Improve your web application’s look, usability, and notoriety.

  • UI/UX Development

    UI/UX Development

    The user interface is the window through which the world experiences your product and your brand. Understanding people behaviour is the key to creating exceptional user experience. We first understand the needs of your users, then we understand your business goals and we combine the elements into the best solution.

  • E-Commerce


    Modern e-commerce websites are more complicated than ever before. Conversion rate is directly related to website performance, so we know you need to have the best performance for your website in order to achieve your sales goals. At Indev, we develop websites for optimal performance but also help clients with an existing e-commerce website to identify the problem areas and how they can be addressed.

  • Responsive Web

    Responsive Web

    Responsive Design is the modern solution to make website optimized across multiple devices. Our team plans, designs and develops responsive websites that will increase conversion rates and overall traffic.